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Jolyon GrayMy name is Jolyon Gray, and I generally go by Joe. I'm a masters candidate in the Instructional Technology program, and I'm currently enrolled in EP550 and IT578. I work in IT for the law school here at UT, and prior to that worked in the reference department at Hodges Library, and also in a brief stint with OIT. I'm pursuing my degree because it's really a confluence of both my educational and technological interests.

I started playing with a Tandy TRS-80 personal computer in 1979, and have been at it pretty much ever since. My re-found interest in education actually started around 7th grade. I wanted to be a teacher, but decided that I also wanted to make considerably more money than that was likely to ever pay. After doing pretty well for myself in tech jobs, but regularly having to find new jobs as companies went public/got bought out/laid people off, I came back to UT to finish a degree I started long ago, and decided I didn't care so much how much I was making any more so long as I really enjoyed doing it. While I was working in the reference department at Hodges Library, I regularly got to work with students and help them develop sound research methodology and search strategies. That dovetails pretty well with my hopes for my degree; I'm not so much a teacher as a facilitator.

There's currently about five years' worth of detritus accumulated in my UT web space, and I'm very much looking forward to sorting it out, getting rid of most of it, organizing what's left, and vastly improving on the quality of what's there.


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