Gray Matters...





Hi, welcome to my site! My name is Jolyon Gray, and I'm currently enrolled in Dr. Waugh's IT575 course - currently, in this case, meaning summer of 2006 (I'll go ahead and make the assumption that I'll a) leave this website up for as long as I'm at UT, and b) completely forget to update it for indeterminate periods of time). So, if you're stumbling on this sometime down the road, please forgive the lack of timeliness :)

Pic of Me The assignment this site was created for required me to use a text editor to create a webpage, and I have, largely, with a notable exception that I was having way too much fun with to exclude. The html documents are all hand-written, as is the stylesheet. Inserted into each individual html document, though, is a javascript that controls the menu at the top of each page. I've been having a little fun playing around with how navigation works on the site, and figured I'd go ahead and include it in the assignment. I didn't write the javascript, but it required some reconfiguring to include the menu items I wanted, and the colors I wanted.

Anyway, as of this writing there are still a couple days until the presentation, and there's no telling what I'll decide to incorporate between now and then. Thus far, I've poked around with html, css and javascript, and within those have played with font faces and colors, background colors, tables, lists, links, and a bunch of other elements I'm sure if I was to go take a peek at the source code to remember what all I did. So without further ado, enjoy!