So I moved my domains from one hosting account to another, and exported all my WordPress content as an xml file. This apparently captured my posts, but none of the images or comments. Oh well! The site hadn’t really been touched in years anyway. I think I’ll clean house! Pull old stuff, start putting up new stuff. I think I’d rather put most things here than somewhere like Facebook anyway, because here at least the stuff is actually mine.

Edit: went and pulled some thumbnail versions of the old images off of archive.org just to fill in the blanks. I wonder how much storage that site takes… Wow.

How large is the Wayback Machine?

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine contains almost 2 petabytes of data and is currently growing at a rate of 20 terabytes per month. This eclipses the amount of text contained in the world’s largest libraries, including the Library of Congress.”

(from http://archive.org/about/faqs.php, whenever they posted that)

Okay so it’s been well over a year. That little widget over there for Google Voice has been rendered largely unimportant by the fact that pretty much any mobile browser recognizes a phone number as being a phone number, and will create a link from it and automatically ask you if you want to dial it just by touching it. Want to call that great big movie theater in Turkey Creek? Here ya go: 865-671-3311. I guess if anything the widget is still kind of neat in that it lets you have people call you without ever publishing your number. Well, oh, and also I could answer the call on my computer, or iPad, or wherever else I told Google Voice to go find me. Okay, maybe it’s still sort of cool.

So I got a Google Voice account, and added a nifty call me widget to my website so people can call my Google phone straight from the site. I thought it’d be neat particularly for people using mobile browsers (like my iPhone), but alas, it’s a Flash widget, and there’s no Flash on iPhones, at least not in Safari.